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Applegate Trail Artisanal Roast | Wholesale

This coffee celebrates the Applegate pioneer family, famous for their impact on early Oregon history. The Applegates blazed a trail that ultimately brought thousands of emigrants from the Midwest to Oregon. The Applegate Trail is an important part of southern Oregon history. Likewise, this rich, bold blend of 4 varietals is unique in that it also blends two separate roasts. We espresso roast some of the beans and then medium roast two of the beans. The result is a dark, rich cup of coffee that would have been a treat to any pioneer making the trek to Oregon.

Barlow Trail Medium Roast | Wholesale

Mt Hood's Barlow Trail helped untold thousands of pioneers circumnavigate the treacherous Columbia River portion of the Oregon Trail. Well known for its rich body, we blend beans from Sumatra into those from Central America. The result is one of our best selling coffees. This is a coffee you can put on and serve all day long

Colombia French Roast | Wholesale

Colombia Supremo taken to a dark French Roast for additional body and richness offers an intense, satisfying cup.

Costa Rica Medium Roast | Wholesale

Costa Rica coffee has the reputation of being too perfect. While it may be known for its clean and balanced perfection...it's not boring! Look for bright citral hints in the acidity with distinct nutty, chocolate tones.

Eclipse Coffee | Wholesale

Order your 12 oz bag of Commemorative Eclipse Coffee consisting of a unique dark roast hand roasted to perfection in our Sivetz Fluid Bed Air Roaster.

Guatemala Dark Roast | Wholesale

These beans are grown high in the mountains in rich volcanic soil producing a coffee lighter in body with a full burgundy-like acidity.

Huckleberry Trail Espresso | Wholesale

This combination of South American and Indonesian coffee beans finishes with an exceptional crema. As with all of our air roasted coffees, there is never a bitter, acidic finish...just a smooth rich drink! Mt. Hood is well known for its incredible huckleberries so it is appropriate that the best espresso roasted in the region is named after this local bounty.

Mexico Dark Roast | Wholesale

Mexican coffee delivers a hint of chocolate both in its flavor and aroma. This bean is delicious as a dark roast and is often used for flavored coffees due to its ability to blend will with other flavor profiles.

Still Creek Trail Medium Roast | Wholesale

One of our lighter roasted coffees, this nutty blend of 3 Central and South American coffees is perfect for those that enjoy a lighter roast. Mt. Hood's Still Creek originates at Mt. Hood's upper reaches, crashes down a few miles north of Trillium Lake, flows down and finally merges with the Zig Zag River. This is Mt. Hood at its best!

Sumatra Dark Roast | Wholesale

Coffee from Sumatra is prized for its deeper body and low acidity.  Sumatran coffees deliver a rich, earthy cup of coffee.  Famous for aging coffee in its warm, damp climate, Sumatran coffees are prized.

Trillium Trail Dark Roast | Wholesale

This blend uses only beans from the Americas and features the rich, full taste that only a bean from Mexico can deliver. This coffee packs a rich robust flavor and is one of Rick's favorite blends. Trillium Lake is one of Mt. Hood's more photographed lakes and one visit will have you falling in love with this area.

Wildwood Trail Medium Roast | Wholesale

With one of Oregon's premier 'Wild and Scenic Rivers' flowing through the center, Wildwood Recreation Area on Mt. Hood is well known for its rich nature and scenery. With one of Oregon's most spectacular walking bridges spanning the Salmon River, Wildwood is one of Mt. Hood's hidden gems. This blend features rich beans from Mexico and Sumatra with beans from Central and South America.

Mt. Hood Coffee Roasters
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